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European Conservation Center

for preserving cultural heritage objects in sustainable and high-quality storage space

Are you an owner, manager or keeper of art or other heritage objects? Do you want to secure these objects in a sustainable manner and under suitable storage conditions? And do you want an accessible insight into the retention data?

We ensure an optimal storage environment for the preservation of your artifacts. This includes, among other things, burglary protection and fire prevention, climate control and monitoring, location and movement control, condition checks and pest management.

We offer our services for:
Museums – Archives – Libraries – Archaeological Institutes – Historic Sites
Private Owners – Foundations / Associations – Companies – Governments

What we offer


We keep your collections in sustainable and high-quality storage units, the so-called PauseBoxes

  • PauseBox Standard
  • PauseBox Filtered
  • PauseBox Dry
  • PauseBox Cool
  • PauseBox Safe



Our collection care program is provided by conservation experts from Helicon Conservation Support

  • Location and movement control
  • Condition checks
  • Climate management
  • Biological management
  • Regular maintenance



Online overview of the retention conditions of your collection via the MijnECC portal.

  • Unique disclosure of retention data via MijnECC
  • Real-time insight into retention data of your collection
  • Periodic overviews of our collection management through reports



Facilities and tailored services by experts

  • Fetch and delivery service for objects
  • Conservation and restoration
  • Use of restoration and conservation workshops, quarantine rooms, education, meeting rooms and workspaces
  • Insurances

Customized as Standard

We offer our preservation of collections at different levels

basic collection preservation
★★ standard collection management and preservation
★★★ extensive collection management and preservation

We offer various forms of storage space

meters of self space for books, archives and documentation
square meters of storage in your own depot space
cubic meters of storage in shared depot space

Our services range from basic preservation by our way of storage to complete physical collection management

In a nutshell

We follow relevant laws, regulations and standards

  • Heritage Act (Dutch)
  • Museum Standard (Dutch)
  • Archival legislation (Dutch)
  • KNA (Quality standard Dutch Archeology)
  • CEN / TC 346 Conservation of Cultural Heritage
  • ASHRAE climate standard
  • VRKI (Improved Risk Class Classification) 
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